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Our Connection to the Farmer

The cooperation with the ZG Raiffeisen enables us to get in direct contact with the farmers. This way, the ZG Raiffeisen is an intermediary between us and the farmers and is also responsible for the monitoring process during the corn borer season in June and July. The cooperation thus guarantees a precisely timed Trichogramma application and a close exchange between the farmers, the cooperative and us as the service provider.

AGROLINE Bioprotect

As one of the co-founders of the drone based Trichogramma application process, AGROLINE Bioprotect is a strong partner when it comes to biological pest control. Sticking to our principle of a minimal invasive process, we mainly use the so called OptiKugeln from AGROLINE Bioprotect. This Trichogramma spheres are made from cornstarch and therefore are compostable and completely decompose over time.


Biocare-Biological Plant Protection

As an additional partner, we rely on the company Biocare-Biological Plant Protection. The Trichosafe spheres are made of cellulose and paraffin and are therefore another environmentally friendly alternative to the OptiKugeln. They also decompose to degree of 100%.

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