Results report

We are very proud to be able to announce the results of our Trichogramma-Season. In a period of approximately seven weeks in 2020 TB Copters has applied Trichogramma with drones on more than 12000 hectare of corn fields. Most of the corn fields have been flown over twice, so that the pilots of TB Copters have flown more than 22000 hectare. It was a huge challenge to fly up to 800 hectare a day – at that point the respect is earned by our pilots who did a great job. In total (2016-2020) we have flown more than 88000 hectare.

A huge thank-you goes to our new Operations Manager Jesse Berthold. A thank-you to all our pilots and persons who contributed to the success of our company with a lot of ideas and effort. Of course thanks to the company “ZG Raiffeisen” for the very good cooperation and the trust in TB Copters. We are looking forward to the next season in 2021!

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